Sequin embroidery represents disk-shaped beads that are used for decorative purposes and are quietly available in a range of colors as well as geometrical shapes. This kind of embroidery is performed on apparels as well as other handicrafts for looking alluring and rich.

Sequin embroidery designs can be stitched flat to the fabric, so that they don’t move and are less like to fall off or they can even be stitched at only one point for dangling and moving easily so as to catch more light. Utsav presents an array of brilliant sequin-work to the customers, thereby catering to their needs.

Sequin embroidery is commonly used on clothing, jewelry, bags as well as other accessories. Till today, coins are used as sequins in some cultures; modern sequins are created of plastic. These can also be referred to as spangles, pailettes or diamentes. They may be stitched flat to the fabric so that they hardly move and therefore less likely to fall off. Moreover, they can even be stitched at one point of time.




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