Frequently Ask Questions

1. Do you have minimums?

NO! We can complete any quantity on embroidery 1-1000+. In certain cases, it is unwise to order in low quantities. For hats, we charge a $25 set-up fee for quantities below 12. Screen printing is excessively expensive at low quantities, we charge an additional $25 for orders under 12, and the screen setup charges for low quantities are not cost effective for you.

2. Can I mix sizes and colors?

Yes, if each item you order uses the same embroidery design, placement & thread colors,
You may combine items of the same style and embroidery location. So, you can order
a combination of sizes, colors, and youth, ladies, men’s style plus a variety of
brands to receive volume discounts on embroidery. For instance, if you order 12
Long Sleeve Royal Blue Polo’s, 12 short Sleeve red Polo’s, 6 Youth green polo’s,
and 6 pink Ladies Polo’s you are entitled to receive the volume discounts on the
embroidery. Volume discounts on the actual apparel are within a family of products.
For instance, same style you can choose ladies, men’s, youth, variety of
sizes and colors to meet minimum requirements. You can't choose 3 Afghans, 3 baby
blankets, and 8 polo’s to meet requirements for quantity discounts. You can, for instance,
purchase 3 green polo men’s, 3 red polo’s ladies, and 8 youth navy polo’s to reach minimum
requirements for volume discounts on items. Discounts on items and embroidery begin at 12.
Because embroidery on headwear requires a special setup we require a minimum of 12 on
headwear, or we charge a $25 setup fee.

3. What is Embroidery Digitizing and what is the cost?

Digitizing is the process of taking the customer’s artwork or digital picture
and converting the design into stitches that are stored in a computer file which
the embroidery machine can read. Personalized Mementos charges $8 per 1000
stitches with a minimum of $45. To begin digitizing a design a charge of $45 will
be collected and you will be charged for the difference upon completion of approved

4. How can I send an art image or design to you for Embroidery Digitizing?

We will accept any format as long as image is clear. If the image isn't clear
we will contact you. We can read the following formats: tif, gif, jpg, cdr, ai, eps
and wmf. We prefer eps, ai, wmf, or high resolution jpg. As with any digital process,
the better the image the better the final product.

5. How long does it take to get my design digitized?

We will generally have a design digitized and ready for your approval within 24 hours.

6. What if I have a design which is already digitized?

If we digitized the design then you will not be charged again for this design.
Minor (up 20%) edits to the digitized design cost $25, (21% to 75%) major edits
cost $45 regardless of the stitch count. If design changes are over 80% then it is
considered a new design the regular digitizing fees will apply. We are
very careful about others digitizing, we will stitch a design digitized by
another only with the approval of Personalized Mementos digitizers and operators.

7. What is a setup fee and what is the cost?

setup fee is charged by many companies to cover the cost of time involved in
setting up simple embroidery job. We don't currently charge a set up fee for typical orders.

8. What is contract embroidery?

Contract embroidery is work done by a professional embroiderer on items or
material supplied by a business that resells these items. We do not typically provide contract embroidery.

9. Will you embroider items sent to you?

Yes, this is called Send Your Own (SYO) or Bring Your Own (BYO). We provide
this service to individuals and business. Larger jobs are generally completed for
businesses, organizations and sports teams.. Larger jobs, minimum 24 pieces to
1000+. BYO/SYO embroidery requires extra care because we are not supplying the
items and it is the nature of the business that the machine can periodically (<0.005%)
damage a product. If this occurs, the embroidery liability is limited to refund
the cost of embroidery for that item. We generally recommend that the customer
supply 2% more than the order calls for (typically called underun/overrun) or the
customer must accept shortages or supply replacements. Small, custom jobs
require that we use extra care too. These jobs may be very personal items that are
difficult to replace or one of kind family heirlooms. Again, our liability is
limited to refund the cost of embroidery.

10. How will I receive my order?

We will deliver to your door (save your gasoline & your time). Ground shipping is the
least expensive. If you are shipping items to us send e-mail to ( bla bla bla )
so we can provide cost. All orders require prepayment. You can send a cashiers check (for orders over $300) with order
or pay with credit card. Standard UPS shipping rates will apply on the return shipment.

11. I still have questions how can I contact a real person?

Call us at ( bla bla bla ) or send e-mail to ( bla bla bla )

12. Can I get a sample of an item in your catalog?

Generally, no. We endeavor to keep prices low. To do this, we do not add the overhead of returns or exchanges into our pricing. If you are concerned about a size or fit, please call - we will do what we can to guide you into getting the apparel that meets your needs. If you absolutely must try on a garment, please visit your local store where they keep plenty of inventory in different sizes for your convenience.

13. Can I get an actual embroidery proof?

Yes, first we will send you a scanned imaged of the embroidery for your
approval. If you still need an actual embroidery proof, we can stitch on a pellon
sheet at the single unit cost and send to you.

14. How do I determine my size?

Most garments are sized in accordance with the scales listed below. Like all
garments, there are variations between manufacturers. Returns will not be accepted
for reasons of size if you received the size you ordered. Please use the chart below as a guideline only.

15. How do I select thread color for personalization or monogramming?

Our basic colors are listed on the drop down menu when you select embroidery
category then select personalization. These are our basic colors. We have many
more colors than we can list. If you have special request please type in the
comment section when checking out of the shopping cart. Embroidery.
We can also match Patone Colors, if we don't have your color in our
stock of over 100 colors, the cost for matching a patone color is $25.

16. What type of typefaces or fonts are available with embroidery?

We can stitch just about any true type font. We have listed some of our most
common fonts for personalizing but we literally have over 4000 fonts available.
So, if you have a special request please type in font style in the comment section
when checking out of the shopping cart.

17. How do I pick location of embroidery?

If you don't reference location we will place it the most frequently used
location. For instance, a polo or pique would be placed on the left chest area. If
there is a pocket it would be place above the pocket. When you choose
personalization the menu gives you an option for the placement of design. Some
items dictate the placement of the design and the maximum embroidery area so it
really depends. If you have a special request for placement, please type your
request in the comment section when checking out. If we can accommodate your
request we will if not we will contact you via e-mail for further instructions.

18. How much for shipping?

During the check out process you will be given a choice of UPS methods of
shipping. The most economical is ground shipping. The freight cost is calculated
based on the weight of the products you have chosen, the UPS published rates,
and your location. Generally, additional items will cost little more so the more.
For instance, 8 aprons cost $9.18 to send and 1 apron cost $7.18 so the more
you buy the less shipping cost per item.

19. What is your return policy?

We cannot accept returns on decorated, worn, washed or discounted garments under any conditions.
Nor can we accept returns on Trade Organization or exchanged garments.
Please call if you have any issues with a shipment we will make every attempt to
rectify. We pride ourselves in our service so we are greatly interested in your
comments & ensuring you are pleased with your purchase. Please call before you return items for
instructions and an authorization number. All returns are subject to a 24% restocking fee, and you
are responsible for the return shipping. Send e-mail to We always suggest that
you review manufacturers specifications for care instructions and expected shrinkage.
Digitizing art charges can not be reimbursed.

20. I want Donald Duck stitched on a shirt can you stitch it?

Yes, but not legally. Copyright laws apply to embroidery. We can provide
original digitizing for you or stock design or your original artwork. We can not
violate copyright laws.

21. May I cancel an order?

You probably won't have time. We place your order with the distributor by the
end of the business day and it arrives in our location in 1 to 4 days, if you cancel an
order then you must pay a restocking fee of 25% (which distributors charge us) plus
the shipping back to the distributor. Rule of thumb: Be sure before your order because
we have a very fast turn around and the process starts immediately. We strive to provide
affordable quality embroidery. This is very competitive business and margins are not
high so be confident of your purchase decision, it cost everyone to reverse a purchase.

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